Hygiene belongs to the “Mise en Place“

Spitzenkoch Jacky Donatz

“Only those who meet the highest standards can serve something excellent from the kitchen. Not only ingredients, recipes and preparation, but also the hygiene standards have to be of highest quality. This is exactly what BlueVision by RGM offers: An innovative “Mise en Place” in quality management with complete control and an easy handling – for spotless cleanliness.”

Jacky Donatz


Manage, control and optimize

Once again, RGM introduces a groundbreaking technology: BlueVision. This visual app allows to manage, control and optimize the cleaning process. Thus, as all parties are connected and the customers are part of the quality management, quality and productivity are increased.

Clarity from cleaning supplies rooms to executive floors

Quality, productivity and the response to customers’ needs are essential to professional cleaning companies. With BlueVision, every process can be dynamically controlled, continuously improved and maintained at a high level in the long term – thanks to a tried-and-tested system with simple visual handling, regular rapports and electronic evaluation.

Self-responsibility leads to sustainable quality

With BlueVision not only RGM can assess their employees, but the contracting authority can also give marks and thus directly intervene in our quality management and improvement processes.

  • If tasks are carried out immaculately, employees experience genuine appreciation, because they take more responsibility and can establish more trust.
  • Cleaning problems can be solved on an operational level, while at the same time weaknesses and training needs can be determined.

To see at a glance what, when, where and how to do it

BlueVision is an entirely visual app with no language barriers. The specifications on the screen picture every task and every step in a simple, clear and yet detailed way.

  • Employees can be quickly introduced to new areas and know what needs to be done at any time.
  • They work in the correct hygienic order and ergonomically at all times.
  • They avoid unnecessary setup or travel time and adhere to disinfection and dosage plans.
  • All of this ensures safety at work, maintenance of value and environmental protection.

Cleaning quality becomes a comprehensive standard

  • The employee’s consciousness for tasks, efficiency and hygiene rises.
  • Every work step can be electronically recorded, checked and evaluated.
  • BlueVision is easy to install and to handle and can be expanded modularly.
  • Good performance is continuously confirmed and, under certain circumstances, rewarded.
  • Ongoing operations and all processes are constantly improved, which can directly influence customers.
  • On an operational level trust, self-responsibility and willingness for quality rise.