RGMGreen -Line

RGM first introduced GreenLine to Switzerland.

Green-Line combines the instruments of concept and communication and gets to the heart of RGM’s philosophy: To provide every customer perfect, individual and efficient cleaning and hygiene.


Four service modules — optionally combinable

Currently GreenLine consists of four service modules. The concept continually evolves and is thus able to meet our customers’ future needs.

The Green-Card

Should my desk be cleaned?

That’s how the Green-Card works:
RGM Green-Card

In the evening, all employees can place their personal Green-Card on the desk. This way the RGM team can tell whether the desk is to be cleaned. When the Green-Card is missing, the work surface will not be cleaned.

The Green-Card’s advantages:
  • Personal: Cleanliness at the employees’ request.
  • Disinfected: In addition to the desk, receiver and keyboard will be disinfected as well.

The cleaning schedule

Customized cleanliness.

That’s how the cleaning schedule works:
RGM Reinigungs-Plan

Every customer is different; no one has the same requirements and the same budget. Therefore, RGM and the customer define the details of the cleaning together: Which areas and furnishings should be cleaned and tidied when exactly and how many times a week – from waste disposal and floor and desk cleaning to the refilling of the paper and the soap dispenser in the lavatory?

The cleaning schedule’s advantages:
  • Individually: We clean according to the customer’s specifications.
  • Clear: In every area or every floor the appropriate cleaning schedule displays, behind Plexiglas, which rooms and objects are to be cleaned at what time.
  • Controllable: You keep an overview and can check by yourself whether the tasks have been carried out.

The toilet check

You can see it at first sight.

That’s how the toilet check works:
RGM toilet check

Immaculately cleaned toilets and spotless sanitary facilities are an absolute must – for employees as well as for business partners and visitors. RGM conducts a toilet check after each cleaning in order that everyone can see that the bathroom leaves nothing to be desired.

The toilet checks’ advantages:
  • Safe: You can rely on every toilet and surroundings being properly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Obvious: If the toilet check is placed, everything is perfectly in order.

The hygiene control

No chance for bacteria.

That’s how the hygiene control works:
RGM Hygienekontrolle

A glossy surface is no guarantee for sterility. For this reason, RGM examines delicate spots according to the hygiene plan with a Hygicult paddle tester, which is analyzed in our own laboratory. The results show whether or not and how strongly germs are growing – and what to do about it, if necessary.

The hygiene control’s advantages:
  • Properly: RGM cleans and disinfects delicate areas such as door handles, receivers, keyboards and sanitary facilities according to the individual hygiene plan and current hygiene regulations.
  • Professionally: Our cleaning professionals proceed after a sound and stable cleaning and disinfection plan and follow reasonable cleaning paths: from contaminated to clean, and not the other way round!
  • Examined: Delicate areas are tested by means of a Hygicult paddle tester, analyzed internally and treated appropriately.
  • Modular: Upon request RGM offers hygiene control and health and risk planning – without any other cleaning services.