Why maintain & clean?
Cleanliness provides investment protection

Cleanliness is an integral part of the good image your company wants to project. Moreover, regular and professional cleaning will retain a long-term preservation of your properties and facilities.

From car park to staircase, workshop and executive floor: RGM ensures that your investment meets the high standards of your company both visually and functionally.


A good atmosphere as a factor of success


Joy of life, motivation, positive thinking and action grow in an environment where people feel comfortable. While you create an atmosphere attractive to your company’s clients, guests and employees, we ensure that it is in an environment which shines permanently and radiantly.

RGM cleans offices, shops, fitness centers, showrooms or production rooms. Further, we offer facility management services and are at your disposal for any special operations.

The idea of building maintenance

Numerous factors influence whether a building looks friendly and welcoming at first sight. Cleanliness and maintenance play an important role in its perception. To achieve this first positive impression is, besides the safeguard of your property’s value, the core to our building maintenance services.

Maintenance cleaning

Service at the highest level

The maintenance cleaning of your office spaces is the core of our business. Besides thoroughness, reliability and cost transparency, it requires a high amount of trust. ›› Read more


Costs down, productivity up
Your competitive advantage through outsourcing

A high cost and competitive pressure demand maximized flexibility. The outsourcing of internal services provides your company the possibility... ›› Read more

Infrastructural services

We maintain your property and provide all-round service

From maintenance cleaning to garden maintenance, surveillance and facility management. It is irrelevant whether you obtain a once-only service or... ›› Read more

Facility Management

Your building services in competent hands

Your personal facility manager completes the tasks which require a lot of time and nerves: From small repairs to the house to reception services and courier trips... ›› Read more

Cleanliness goes new ways

Innovation is part of the tradition of RGM. This was already demonstrated when RGM first introduced GreenLine, the concept for individual cleanliness and maximum efficiency.

Once again, RGM introduces a groundbreaking technology: BlueVision. This visual app allows to manage, control and optimize the cleaning process. Thus, as all parties are connected and the customers are part of the quality management, quality and productivity are increased.